Working together

There are many charities supporting families in lots of different ways following the death of a baby. We often worķ together to make advice , support and best practice available to all.

Mama Academy – Carry Their Names Initiative

We were proud to be involved with the very first Carry Their Names challenge in 2019.

The #saytheirnames initiative has been well established in the baby loss community and Mama Academy took it a step further by starting the #carrytheirnames initiative.

This involved carrying the names of precious babies to places they never got to go to. With a group of supporters, we were able to get all of the babies names we were privileged to carry to some amazing locations. Using the above hashtag, families were able to see photos of all of the locations travelled to. It started many conversations and we hope it continues to grow.

Mama Academy are the UK’s Baby Loss Prevention Charity.

Heart in their Hand project

We recently started working with Heart in their Hand project.
‘Heart in their Hand’ is a beautiful project which offers families a gift that is shared with their baby .

The keepsake heart can be placed in baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye and the keyring is taken home as a beautiful reminder of the connection shared. It is our privilege to fund these keepsakes for all of the families we help.

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Little Things & co

We are very grateful to be able to share the downloadable leaflets from former baby  loss charity, Little Things & Co . The charity closed in April 2023 after 9 years of amazing work with bereaved families.

Beyond Bea

We are delighted to be working with baby loss charity  Beyond Bea to fund study days for the staff at the hospitals we work with. Beyond Bea was established  in 2018 in memory of Bea by Steph Wild, practising midwife and Bea’s mummy. Beyond Bea is a charity focussed on raising awareness about baby loss and bereavement and educating health care professionals in order to improve bereavement care. Beyond Bea recognise that not all professionals deliver the same high standard of care when diagnosing and supporting families during the loss of a baby. This is often due to lack of training and inexperience.The end goal is to ensure that a high standard of bereavement care becomes the norm and families have the opportunity to create ever lasting memories.

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With special thanks to our long term supporters Matico Zumba and iGroover photography.